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The RollsRoyce Wraith Black Badget

Individual software development on the dyno

Pure luxury - this RollsRoyce is the most captivating and at the same time most aesthetic thing that RollsRoyce has brought to the street. Black Badge is the variant for individualists. The reliable 8-speed gearbox implements the standard 632 PS and 600 NM in every driving situation. In order to give this extraordinary RollsRoyce a little more sportiness, the engineers at CPA Performance carried out extensive tests and in the end achieved an incredible 92 PS and 128 NM power increase than to standard power with the PowerBox Nitro. You can call that effective tuning.

performance diagram RollsRoyce Wraith Black Badge

RollsRoyce : Further testing

  • RollsRoyce Wraith

Improved performance with the same everyday usability and sovereignty - thats what the CPA PowerBox offers. Experience up to 918 NM and 725 hp in your Rolls Royce Wraith, and connect to the CPA Connective System for improved throttle response.

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