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Noble visit to CPA

The Rollst Royce Wraith in the test

With the 2.4-tonne luxury coupe, it was very important to us to keep the suitability for everyday use as well as the superior and sublime driving feeling, while at the same time ensuring improved acceleration and driving dynamics. At the development of the engine specific software, we achieved a convincing result again. Now up to 725 HP and proud 918 NM drive the Rolls Royce Wraith with our PowerBox sublime on the asphalt. In conjunction with the CPA PedalBox, the throttle response is further improved.

performance diagram RollsRoyce Wraith

RollsRoyce : Further testing

  • RollsRoyce Wraith Black Badge

Elegance and sportiness with the RollsRoyce Wraith Black Badget and the PowerBox from CPA Chiptuning. The extra power is clearly noticeable and can be controlled with the ConnectiveSystem, via the PedalBox, at the push of a button as required.

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