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Chiptuning News

CPA got a visit from Italy! read more
  • Lamborghini Urus

With 650 HP and proud 850 Nm of standard performance, one does not necessarily think of an increase in power at first. ...

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Chiptuning Mercedes E (W213) E300 read more
  • Mercedes E-Class (W213) E300

The Stuttgarter comes with 245 HP and 370 Nm as standard. The in-line four-cylinder proves what the 245 HP bring. We think ...

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Infiniti QX50 (II) 2.0t chiptuning read more
  • Infiniti QX50 (II) 2.0t

After extensive test drives and tests on the dyno, the power of the QX50 could be increased by up to 72 HP and 102 Nm and ...

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The Skoda Kamiq 1.5 TSI on the dyno read more
  • Skoda Kamiq 1.5 TSI

Engine-specific software development for the city-SUV of the Czech car manufacturer. The additional power has been developed ...

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Chiptuning for Trumpchi GS4 read more
  • Trumpchi GS4 1.5T

The Trumpchi is an inexpensive SUV, the little brother of the Trumpchi GS 5, which is known in Asia. In terms of appearance ...

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Skoda Octavia 1.0 TSI chiptuning - get more out of your liter! read more
  • Skoda Octavia (III Typ 5E) 1.0 TSI

With its notchback and wheel arches, the Skoda reminds on the Audi A4 from previous years, the Skoda is nevertheless a ...

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The HongQi H5 1.8T with chiptuning read more
  • HongQi H5 1.8T

With its special front and a sporty dress, we really like the H5. On longer journeys, you explicitly feel that the car could ...

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Dongfeng JingYi X5 1.5T chiptuning read more
  • Dongfeng JingYi X5 1.5T

With the Dongfeng JingYi X5 we were able to tease out a whopping 34 HP and 50 Nm with our chiptuning and software ...

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Audi A6 (C8) RS6 (4.0) chiptuning read more
  • Audi A6 (C8) RS6 (4.0)

Compared to its predecessor, the new Audi has a wider and flatter grille and overall looks a lot beefier. The high-quality ...

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Individual power increase Buick Ankewei 20T read more
  • Buick Ankewei 20T

With the CPA Performance products, your Buick Ankewei 20T can achieve up to 45 hp and 68 Nm additional performance. After the...

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The BMW X3 (G01) xDrive20d in test read more
  • BMW X3 (G01) xDrive20d

At first glance, not much has changed in the appearance of the Munich compared to its predecessor. However, a lot has ...

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BMW X1 (F48) xDrive20i read more
  • BMW X1 (F48) xDrive20i

The 2nd generation of the BMW X1 appears with a revised chassis for more comfort and the well-known iDrive system. We also ...

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Chiptuning BMW 520i G30 read more
  • BMW 5er (G30) 520i

In the new BMW 5 Series G30, sport and luxury are combined. Since the first corner, we had a lot of fun driving the Bayer. ...

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More power for the JiangLing Yusheng S350 2.0T read more
  • JiangLing Yusheng S350 2.0T

Up to 54 HP and 84 Nm power increase thanks to the engine-specific software and suitable hardware. With the CPA Connective ...

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Additional power for the VW Touareg III V6 TDI read more
  • VW Touareg III V6 TDI

The largest SUV from Volkswagen appears very impressive, with a lot of comfort and the latest VW technology. Appropriately ...

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Jaguar F-Type Coupé 2.0 chiptuning read more
  • Jaguar F-Type Coupé 2.0

The Jaguar F-Type Coupé 2.0 gets a remarkable power increase through our PowerBox Nitro. Proud 105 Nm and 79 HP power ...

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Ford Ranger 2.0 TDCi read more
  • Ford Ranger 2.0 TDCi

Proud 50 hp and 118 Nm increase of power for the Ford Ranger 2.0 TDCi. We tested and optimized the Ford Ranger in different ...

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Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TSI chiptuning read more
  • Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TSI

After extensive and intensive testing, we can offer our chiptuning for the Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TSI. We are extremely satisfied ...

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Chevrolet Malibu (VI) XL 1.5 chiptuning read more
  • Chevrolet Malibu (VI) XL 1.5

With the CPA Performance PowerBox, a power increase of up to 45 HP and 67 Nm can be achieved. For example, at our tests we ...

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Haval H6 2.0T read more
  • Haval H6 2.0T

Standard power: 197 hp, torque: 345 Nm
Power increase to 247 hp
Torque increase to 433 Nm


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Mini Clubman One First 1.5 chiptuning read more
  • Mini Clubman One First 1.5

With the individual engine-specific software for power increase, an impressive extra power of up to 19 HP and 41 Nm can be ...

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