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Chiptuning Landwind

Chiptuning Landwind - Also referred to as Jiangling Motors Cooperation Limited, short JMC. Its history can be traced all the way back to an garage founded in 1953. Subsidiary Landwind mainly produces SUV and commercial vehicles for the Chinese market. Headquarter is located in Nanchang. 1993 the company entered the Joint-Venture with Isuzu. At the 2006 Paris Motor Show the X-Pedition was presented. In late 2010 the first passenger car was introduced. For additional power we provide Chiptuning Landwind.

Landwind chiptuning - the brand belongs to Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. Which was founded in 1993 and already two years later a partnership with Ford. Various models of the Landwind brand are distributed on various European markets. The cars are predominantly SUVs equipped with Mitsubishi engines. Since many of the models are less powerful, Landwind chiptuning offers as an optimization. So if you're looking for power - Landwind chiptuning.

Landwind chiptuning - A sub-brand of the Chinese manufacturer Jiangling Motor Holding which was formed by joint venture of Changan and JMC. The vehicle manufacturer mainly produces and sells trucks and SUVs in China. The Xiaoyao is the latest model of the brand and is reminiscent of the Mercedes GLA, the drive takes over a Mitsubishi engine. Landwind chiptuning was developed for more performance. The X7 is the flagship of the manufacturer, so we offer here also specific Landwind chiptuning.

Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Landwind X8 2.0D 1997 ccm 136 HP 100 kW 320 Nm JE4D20Q5A
Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Landwind X5 1.5 T 1499 ccm 150 HP 110 kW 200 Nm 4A91T
Landwind X5 2.0 T 1997 ccm 190 HP 140 kW 250 Nm 4G63S4T
Landwind X7 1.5 GTDI 1490 ccm 163 HP 120 kW 250 Nm JX4G15B5L
Landwind X7 2.0 T 1997 ccm 190 HP 140 kW 250 Nm
Landwind X8 1.8T 1764 ccm 177 HP 130 kW 280 Nm JX4G18E5L
Landwind X8 2.0T 1997 ccm 190 HP 140 kW 250 Nm
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