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Chiptuning Rover

Chiptuning Rover - originally a British car brand, Seat: Solihull, taken over by BMW 1994, 2000 parted again, keeping only Mini. Trademark rights lie Indian carmaker Tata in 2008. First was a tricycle. Until 2005 called the company MG Group, at this time as sporty models like 75 with a 4.6 liter V8 engine and 260 hp were built. But medium-sized cars to be seen. Chiptuning Rover, Tuning promises a lot.

Rover chiptuning - From 1896 to 2005, the British car manufacturer produced compact cars and vans. In 2007, the model HP20 won the Isle of Man TT, this marks the first connection to Rover chiptuning. Among other things, the British company built gas-turbine drive cars as racing cars and concept automobiles. After the bankruptcy in 2005, the Chinese manufacturer SAIC took over the brand licenses and since then produces new models under a similar name for the Chinese market. More performance thanks to Rover chiptuning.

Rover chiptuning - As early as 1904, the English company produced its first car, the Rover Eight. One year later, the Rover Six follows. In 1967, it merges with Leyland and is dedicated to the production of commercial cars. Here too Rover chiptuning can be offered. In 1994, BMW AG secured the rights to the brand. Since 2008, the manufacturer belongs to the Indian car manufacturer Tata Motors. We are proud of the successful rover chiptuning.

Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Rover 75 2.0 CDTi 1951 ccm 131 HP 96 kW 300 Nm
Rover 75 2.0 CDT 1951 ccm 116 HP 85 kW 260 Nm
Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Model series
600 Series

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