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Chiptuning Roewe

Chiptuning Roewe - Chinese "Rong Wei" for the lions high reputation. 2006 by Chinese manufacturer SAIC, with inter alia Volkswagen and GM cooperate, through merger NAC and MG. By 2011, more than 30 new models were to be designed, only five were realized. SAIC is Chinas largest carmaker and sells around 1,7 million vehicles annually. At fairs, the company is polarizing with unusual studies. Chiptuning Roewe, make your vehicle something special.

Roewe chiptuning - The rather young brand Roewe sells since 2006, the 750 models based on the Rover 75th In 2008, the 550 is presented which is equipped with a 1.8 liter four-cylinder. Roewe chiptuning is a good choice here. In 2006, Roewe announced its model fleet to expand to more than 30 cars, but so far only three have been realized. But even with these models, Roewe chiptuning can be realized.

Roewe chiptuning - The brand has been around since October 2006 and was founded by the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. The first models were technically based on that of the English manufacturer MG Rover. Over the years, however, came their own models on the market and thus also more opportunities for Roewe chiptuning. In 2018, the brand presented two new SUV models, the RX8 and the Marvel X. Both are located in the premium segment and are available with Roewe chiptuning.

Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Roewe 550 1.8T 1796 ccm 160 HP 118 kW 215 Nm 18K4G
Roewe 950 30T 1995 ccm 220 HP 162 kW 350 Nm 20L4E
Roewe RX5 30T 1995 ccm 220 HP 162 kW 350 Nm 20L4E
Roewe RX8 30T 1995 ccm 224 HP 165 kW 360 Nm 20L4E
Roewe W5-1-8T 1796 ccm 160 HP 118 kW 215 Nm 18K4G
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