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Chiptuning Dodge

Dodge Chiptuning - did you know? Origin came from bicycle and machine factory brothers in Detroit. 1914 their own automobilefactory was founded, first model which looked same Ford T. Compact cars, midsize to vans everything had been built. Among other things, famous "Viper". Here Dodge Chiptuning comes into play, because their driving performance makes them interesting for amateur & professional racers. Third generation is sold as "SRT" execution since 2012 Design.

Dodge chiptuning - The history of Dodge chiptuning begins as a car supplier, including for the Ford Motor Company. From Dodge come a number of US muscle cars which produce a sporty image of the brand, similar to Dodge chiptuning. Today the brand is known for pick-ups, sporty sedans and vans. In particular, the Viper with their performance make them interesting for hobbyists as well as amateur racers and Dodge chiptuning. In motorsport Dodge was active until 2012 in the NASCAR.

Dodge chiptuning - The history of Dodge goes back to the brothers John & Horace and the year 1914. Known models of the brand are Challenger, Charger, Coronet or the RAM pick-ups. The V10 sports car Viper also comes from the halls of the US car manufacturer. Since the reorientation in 2010, new models feature two racing stripes in the logo to accentuate the sporty side of the brand, if it's allowed to be a bit sportier - Dodge chiptuning. Participation in the American NASCAR Series is a connection to racing and Dodge chiptuning clearly.

Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Dodge Caliber 2.0 CRD 1968 ccm 152 HP 112 kW 372 Nm
Dodge Caliber 2.0 CRD 1968 ccm 140 HP 103 kW 310 Nm
Dodge Caliber 2.2 CRD 2143 ccm 163 HP 120 kW 320 Nm
Dodge Nitro 2.8 CRD 2777 ccm 177 HP 130 kW 410 Nm ENR, ENS
Dodge Ram 2500 6690 ccm 355 HP 261 kW 880 Nm
Dodge Ram 3500, 4000 6690 ccm 355 HP 261 kW 880 Nm
Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Dodge Caliber 1.8 1798 ccm 150 HP 110 kW 168 Nm
Dodge Caliber 2.0 1998 ccm 156 HP 115 kW 190 Nm
Dodge Caliber 2.4 2359 ccm 170 HP 125 kW 220 Nm
Dodge Caliber 2.4 SRT-4 2359 ccm 295 HP 217 kW 363 Nm
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