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Chiptuning Daewoo

Daewoo Chiptuning - a South Korean automobile manufacturer with Seoul headquarter, which became General Motors Korea March 2011. The company is active at many areas, such steel production, arms industry or financial transaction. Shipbuilding division, separated 1999 and independent producer emerged Daewoo-Shipbuilding & Marine engineering. Since 2005 sold cars to Europe as Chevrolet. Daewoo Chiptuning, make your car something special.

Daewoo chiptuning - The South Korean car manufacturer was acquired by the Daewoo Group in 1983, but was dissolved as a result of the Asian crisis in 2002 and taken over by General Motors. Despite the resolution, there are still many models for which Daewoo chiptuning is possible. The group has been split and is active in various sectors such as shipbuilding, steel processing and even the arms industry. Since 2005, cars are sold in Europe under the name Chevrolet. Daewoo chiptuning turns your car into something very special.

Daewoo chiptuning - The Daewoo Motor Company has existed since the 1970s, when Sahen Motor participated in a joint venture with Shinjin Motors and General Motors. In 1983, the Daewoo Group took over the co-operation and changed the name to Daewoo Motor. Due to the 1994 introduced in Germany models Daewoo chiptuning is also interesting in Europe. The vehicles built in South Korea are sold on the world market under the name of Chevrolet or Holden. Get more power out of your car with Daewoo chiptuning.

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