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Chiptuning Audi Q8 (F1)

Audi Q8 Chiptuning - presented in 2017 as a concept car. Barely a year later, the production version of the luxury SUV was unveiled, the Q8 should score points with clean lines, abundant space and aggressive-purist design. The SUV is so far only in two relatively weak motorization variants why Audi Q8 chiptuning makes sense. SUV typical of this magnitude is also the relatively high weight, but Audi Q8 chiptuning can also bring about an improvement in power here.

Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Audi Q8 (F1) 45 (3.0) TDI 2967 ccm 231 HP 170 kW 500 Nm
Audi Q8 (F1) 50 (3.0) TDI 2967 ccm 286 HP 210 kW 600 Nm
Audi Q8 (F1) SQ8 TDI 3956 ccm 435 HP 320 kW 900 Nm VW EA898
Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Audi Q8 (F1) 45 (2.0 TFSI) 1984 ccm 245 HP 180 kW 370 Nm
Audi Q8 (F1) 55 (3.0 TFSI) 2995 ccm 340 HP 250 kW 500 Nm
Audi RS Q8 (F1) 3996 ccm 600 HP 441 kW 800 Nm

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