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Audi Q5 Sportback (FY) 45 TFSI Chiptuning

+61 HP

Power increase in HP (2)

+86 Nm

Torque increase in Nm (2)

+20 km/h

Speed increase (4)

Important information about your car

  • Racy Spaniard at CPA in the test

    Your engine in test

    Racy Spaniard at CPA in the test

    Seat Leon 2.0 TFSI Cupra R

    The top engine of the Leon is called Seat Cupra R. The word creation Cupra means as much as Sports Cup. With a standard output of 265 HP from a four-cylinder with turbo, the name is program. The chassis makes a solid impression, and the brakes are not too small either. If Spanish temperament meets German engineering, then the Cupra won't stop for anything. The engine specific software of the CPA PowerBox ensures a fulminating power increase of up to 65 HP and 87 NM. Even in the lower speed ...

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  • Engine protection

    Engine protection | Audi Q5 Sportback (FY) 45 TFSI Chiptuning

    Best possible engine protection highest safety for your car

    A software adapted to your car is the basis for a solid and safe chiptuning. With modern so-called digital additional control units (PowerBox from CPA) safety, environmental protection and performance increase are no longer in conflict.

    The core task of secure chiptuning is to use the existing power reserves so that no additional wear takes place. Furthermore, the Engine Safe System of the PowerBox detects thermal overload in good time and regulates the power increase dynamically.

Product selection Chiptuning | Audi Q5 Sportback (FY) 45 TFSI

Chiptuning Made in Germany

PowerBox Pro (3)

The best entry

Aluminum (heat-resistant)

PowerBox Pro

17.900,00PHP VAT included

Power increase 22 kW

Power increase 30 HP

Torque increase 64 Nm

Savings: up to 0,8 liters per 100km


PowerBox Pro

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Chiptuning Made in Germany

PowerBox Nitro (3)

Maximum power

Aluminum (heat-resistant)

PowerBox Nitro

35.900,00PHP VAT included

Power increase 45 kW

Power increase 61 HP

Torque increase 86 Nm

Savings: up to 1,2 liters per 100km


PowerBox Nitro - Audi Q5 Sportback (FY) 45 TFSI

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Chiptuning Made in Germany

PowerBox Ultra (3)

The price-performance killer

Aluminum (heat-resistant)

PowerBox Ultra

23.900,00PHP VAT included

Power increase 38 kW

Power increase 52 HP

Torque increase 74 Nm

Savings: up to 1 liters per 100km


PowerBox Ultra

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Reasons, for choosing CPA.

Our four-wheel dyno

On our dyno cars with front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive up to 1.100 Nm of torque can be measured.

At our tests, we always rely on extensive dyno tests including exhaust gas measurement and testing of the working temperatures of various engine parts. We use a set of external temperature sensors, which check and record the important operating temperatures of various engine parts with and without tuning. With new engines, intensive tests are always carried out at full load and with maximum power increase.

Activate the power of your car: Select car

German engineering

For many years, we, the management and development team of CPA, have been developing and designing a variety of software and technical products. Now we have packed all this know-how and all our experiences into the PowerBox and PedalBox. We do not leave anything to chance.

We rely on experienced and award-winning engineers from the Stuttgart area.

Driving pleasure and environmental protection

Power increase and environmental protection are no longer necessarily in conflict with chiptuning of CPA Performance. If the torque is increased during power optimization, more feed than before can be achieved at low rpm. This leads to a partially enormous fuel saving.

Decades of racing experience

Not only our development team has many years of racing experience, our management also has a lot of experience.

As CPA Chiptuning we strive for extraordinary performance! This is both a requirement and a motivation - for our company and our products. The management and development team at CPA Chiptuning can look back on more than 40 years of racing experience in motorsport. These included Formula 2 (EC), World Championship races in motorcycle racing, go-kart racing, Supermoto and most recently the national Superbike class. This racing experience is combined with detailed engineering work from the automotive region of Stuttgart. Every day we work passionately to strive for excellence. That is how our PowerBox came into being, into which we put all our heart and our expertise. Convince yourself.

About us

Our car tests

(2) Note: The performance data shown above are achievable maximum values. The actual power output depends on the series tolerance of the individual car, the fuel used and various environmental factors.

(3) Acceptance and registration obligation for chiptuning in the car documents: More Information

(4) Only for car whose speed control is not activated or deactivated.

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