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Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​Chiptuning

Engine-specific power increase

Whenever you think there is no better way, you will be taught better, like here with the GT Speed. His predecessor was already an announcement. Now the brute W-12 engine beats in the GT Speed ​​with 659 PS and unbelievable 900 NM, which means that a top speed of 335 km / h is possible. The new eight-speed dual clutch transmission now enables shift times that are twice as fast as those of the normal GT. In terms of sound, the GT Speed ​​has also improved it, which sounds very good. Permanent all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering contribute to perfect handling in every driving situation. A Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​Chiptuning is available for those who want even more power.

performance diagram Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bentley : Further testing

  • Bentley Bentayga

Convince yourself of CPA Chiptuning and the engine-specific software for increasing the power of your Bentley Bentayga. The PowerBox from CPA and specially developed software work very well together.

  • Bentley Continental GT V8

High quality workmanship in the luxury car Bentley Continental GT V8. We would like to do our part here and offer a high-quality PowerBox with engine-specific chiptuning.

  • Bentley Continental GT

The CPA ConnectiveSystem offers several advantages such as throttle pedal tuning and chiptuning combined to create a great driving experience. Test the CPA performance increase products for the Bentley Continental GT.

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