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Chiptuning for Trumpchi GS5

We optimize the Trumpchi GS5 and achieve top results

Visually, we really like the Trumpchi GS5 1.8T, big brother of the GS4. Now 177 HP and 265 Nm are in general good values, but a little more power can help with an SUV of its size. Especially when pulling caravans, trailers or when transporting heavy objects, tuning on the mountain or when overtaking can be helpful and provide the necessary safety. The thermal loads in the engine were checked in our tests with all internal sensors. External temperature sensors from our CPA-measurement-system were used specifically for the driving test in hot engine compartment temperatures to monitor the exact temperature development at full load. In the end, our technicians came up with a power increase of 45 hp and 69 Nm through our chiptuning - always with the engine durability in mind.

Trumpchi: Further testing

  • Trumpchi GS4 1.5T

Additional power for Trumpchi from CPA Performance with the PowerBox. Trumpchi chiptuning for a noticeable increase in power and more driving pleasure.

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