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Chiptuning for the VW UP GTI


Now even the smallest in the VW family gets the GTI stamp. Since then, GTI has graced the most powerful upgrades of the Golf series and is therefore quite successful. Is the UP a worthy GTI? As standard, the UP GTI draws its 115 hp standard output from a 1.0 L three-cylinder. Sounds sufficient considering the size. In the criticism is especially the power, which should not be enough for a real GTI model. One solution to the power issue is the CPA PowerBox. With the aid of the engine specifically developed software, it helps the little GTI to a considerable increase in performance. Up to 31 HP and 54 NM more makes the VW GTI when CPA chiptuning is installed. In the small UP the performance is noticeable directly after the installation. Nevertheless, the VW engineers have given the UP GTI some delicacies. Reinforced stabilizers, harder dampers and new dome bearings contribute to the sporty driving feel. Since now the power is appropriate, we think the UP can confidently call a true GTI.

performance diagram VW Up 1.0 GTI

VW : Further testing

  • VW Touran (1T) 2.0 TDI (CR) DPF (ab 05/2010)

The VW Tiguan has been tested in extensive tests and tuned. We were able to get a lot more power.

  • VW Arteon 2.0 TDI SCR

For the successor of the VW Passat by CPA Chiptuning up to 28% more power are possible. Also, the consumption can be reduced by up to 1L / 100Km, convince yourself and order the PowerBox Nitro today.

  • VW T5 Bus 2.0 TDI (CR) DPF (ab 2009)

CPA Chiptuning is testing and developing special software for the TuningBox oft he VW T5.

  • VW Golf VII (AU) 2.0 GTD

The new Golf 7 GTD in test - a great soundmodule for a diesel!

  • VW Scirocco III 2.0 TDI (CR)

Combination of everyday and racetrack thanks to our PowerBoxes. An increase in output of around 50 horsepower could be realized through several tests. His Volkswagen untypical but dynamic design convinced the CPA team.

  • VW Arteon 2.0 TDI SCR

The elegant station wagon from VW is a real star in the showroom, but we found it lacking a little in power. So we developed the engine-specific software to increase power for the VW Arteon 2.0 TDI.

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