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Powerful Stuttgarter on the dyno

Mercedes CLA (C117) CLA 45 AMG

In terms of power and performance Mercedes redefined the the middle class with the CLA 45 AMG. The newly developed turbocharged 4-cylinder engine drives the 4Matic all-wheel drive via an AMG Speedshift 7-speed sports transmission. Thus, the power is optimally transferred to the road and the AMG completes the sprint from 0 to 100 in ca. 4.2 seconds. The twin-scroll turbocharger press fresh air into the combustion chambers with up to 1.8 Bar at full load and ensure a breathtaking 381 HP for standard production. That is where the engine specific Software, developed by CPA chiptuning, comes into play. If necessary, parameters such as e.g. boost pressure or injection quantity are optimized. This results in an additional performance of up to 49 HP and 88 NM. For the racer that is a lot more power. We have tested the CLA 45 AMG with our chiptuning on the dyno and also on the road. We are absolutely satisfied with the result.

performance diagram Mercedes CLA (C117) CLA 45 AMG

Mercedes : Further testing

  • Mercedes E-Class (W212) E400

Convincing performance upgrade for the Mercedes E400 with the PowerBox of CPA. Amazing power increase could be achieved in test and at the dyno for the Mercedes E400.

  • Mercedes-AMG GT (C190) AMG GT

The numbers speak for themselves: up to 91 HP and 119 NM extra power for the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. Made possible by the specific software of the CPA PowerBox. See for yourself.

  • Mercedes E-Class (W213) E350d

The individual chip tuning of the CPA PowerBox provides a clear performance boost in the E class, with up to 329 hp and 786 NM at the press of a button. Order today and see for yourself.

  • Mercedes G-Class (W461) G350 d

PowerBox and Connective System have the specially developed software to harmonize perfectly with your vehicle. Order today, you will be delighted.

  • Mercedes C-Class (W205) C43 AMG 4MATIC

The CPA PowerBox blends perfectly with the C43 AMGs V6 twin-turbo engine, increasing performance by up to 17%. Dormant potential is unleashed, so does the Mercedes Benz up to 428 HP.

  • Mercedes E-Class (W212) E 63 AMG

Downsizing can be fun. A perfect example is the E63 AMG with specific software from the CPA PowerBox. With up to 121 HP and 157 NM more power, the E63 AMG is a real steam hammer.

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